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OMG- I have to write my vows? HOW??

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

The best thing about having a celebrant is you get to make your ceremony what you want it to look like!

This includes your vows.

· You do have to put the legal wording in at first (I will give you this)!

· Have a think about the tone and length of your vows- discuss this with your partner first. You may find one of you believes you should write an entire page and the other 3 sentences. You might think this should be the most heartfelt thing you will ever say, whereas your partner thinks it should be humorous and a bit of fun. Whatever you decide, go with that.

· You don’t want to write any, but want to say something- I have examples you can choose from! vNo need to stress!

· Make a decision with your partner as to whether you are going to share the vows with each other BEFORE the ceremony or not.

· Send me your vows to look over and print (I will place them in your vow folders for the ceremony).

Ideas for vows:

· Tell your other half why you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

· Think about the first time you met- what drew you to them?

· Do you have a favourite movie, song, book? Go find inspiration there- look for quotes you can add to your vows.

· Put in promises you plan to keep- not ones that you would like to keep!

· Go online and Google vows- sometimes reading other people’s ideas can help spark yours

· Read over your vows out loud to see how they sound. Do you need to add in anything? Do you need to delete that joke?

· Get someone you trust and who knows you both to read over the vows. Can they give you any feedback?

· Ask your celebrant (me) to read both and see if you both have around the same length and tone.

· When you have finished and you are practising saying the vows, see if there is anywhere you feel you need to add in pauses (you can actually write [pause here] in your vows to help). Practise in front of a mirror, to a friend or to a photo of your partner.

Remember it is something you are saying to the love of your life and, apart from the legal vows, you don’t even have to say in front of everyone. I am always here to help you, too!


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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2023

This is so helpful! I am clueless when it comes to writing my feelings, so the personalisation pointers have been really useful and given me so many ideas

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