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Outdoor Weddings

You are engaged, you are excited and now you are planning your wedding.

One of the big three things to do straight away is lock in your venue for your wedding (a church if you are heading that way) or a different venue if using a celebrant.

The idea of an outdoor wedding is so enticing, but there are some things to consider.

  1. The Weather. We can't control Mother Nature and it is hard to predict what will happen on the day, especially if you are planning months (or years in advance). Always, ALWAYS have a back up venue! Also keep in mind the months you plan- it may be super hot in Summer (involving the potential for dehydration and sun burn/heat stroke), freezing in Winter (that strapless dress will not be ideal- unless you are Pheobe in Friends, IYKYK). It could rain, the wind could be uber strong- you know what the weather is like! Do some research if you are not from the area.

  2. Permits. If you are getting married in a council park or an open public park, you will need to obtain a permit to have your ceremony. This could be your local council or the owners of the park/venue (I know here in Toowoomba, for example, you get your permit from the University to use the Japanese Gardens). The length of this permit varies- in Toowoomba parks, you have 3 hours from set up to leaving, Gold Coast Beaches have 2 hours. The permits also cost money, with costs differing from park to park, council to council.

  3. The Public. Even with a permit, you cannot control the public who will be in the same area as you. There may be a 5 year old's birthday party 20 meters away, there may be people who are there for exercise, etc.

  4. Your guests. Keep in mind who you will be inviting, If you are having a park wedding, will you need to provide seating for elderly guests, is the area accessible for everyone, how far away will you need to park to get to your location? Also, it is important to think back to the weather (see above).

  5. Animals- my last blog talked of plovers and magpies in Spring. Don't forget ants and mozzies/sandflies!

  6. Location, location, location. Keep in mind your ideal spot may already be booked. Please look at booking ASAP.

Now, Toowoomba and the Darling Downs don't have beaches, but if you are looking at the beach as a location, please go watch this VLOG by two seasoned celebrants, Laura and Tarn as they discuss the pros and cons of a beach wedding:

To Beach or Not To Beach

As a bride who did marry outdoors, it made for amazing photos, we were lucky with the weather (even though it was a tad windy) and we were in a private outdoor location (QLD Parliament House). I loved marrying outside with my nearest and dearest and would still recommend!


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