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Spring Lovers? Watch out for Plovers (and maggies!)*

*Ok, disclaimer- my husband came up with that title!

So I was going for a walk on Friday- first day of Spring and a glorious day it was. I was with my mini best friend (my dog, the Emperor Augustus) and smiling as the weather was perfect.

My walk is a popular wedding spot and a great area to be out in the fresh air. So imagine my surprise when I saw a colleague (in my other job/life) jogging towards me with a magpie hot on her heels- or head!

Ah yes, Spring had Sprung and so had our protective mummas (do the dads swoop too?).

A day later, I went to a spot that one of my couples had picked for their outdoor wedding. A stunning location, beautiful views, lots of trees....and two plovers (I am thinking that the dads are swoopers too). They alerted us with their presence by the fabulous sound of "wompff wompff" of their swings as they dived towards my unsuspecting head.

Some screeches and interesting words were shed as I headed to the safety of the car.

So here is the actual purpose of my post (you knew I would get there eventually!)... if you are planning an outdoor Spring Wedding, go visit before the day. See if our swooping friends have set up camp to watch your big day or not.

Maybe have a plan B or have your flower girl with sticks and seeds in hand!


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