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What is a NOIM?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A NOIM is Notice of Intended Marriage. It is the legal document you MUST complete before marrying in Australia.

FAQ about the NOIM:

  • You must have it filled in and witnessed at least one (1) month and up to 18 months before your ceremony .

  • You are required to have the following documents to be seen by your celebrant:

- Proof of birth and location -> Birth certificate or passport (now is a good time to find that birth certificate or order a new one online!

- Proof of Identity -> Usually a driver's licence

- Proof that previous marriage has ended ->divorce/death certificate

  • Who can witness your signatures?

- Authorised celebrant

- Justice of the Peace

- Barrister or solicitor

- Legally qualified medical practitioner

- A member of the Australian Federal Police or police force of State/Territory

You need to fill in your NOIM for AngieJCelebrant?

  1. Click the link below to download

  2. Read pages 1 and 2- it has the important "stuff" there

  3. Fill in page 3 only- you can only sign page 4 in front of a witness (see above who can witness)

  4. Make sure you use BLOCK letters!

Download PDF • 904KB

WOW, that is a lot isn't it? It is best to get through this legal part ASAP so we can start working on the fun part- your ceremony!! Need any help? Contact me and I will talk you through it :)

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